To Say Or Not To Say

I AM SURE THAT I HAVE A LOT TO SAY, I’M JUST NOT  sure it’s worth saying … but then it is ridiculous to ‘only’ expect to say something if it is worth it. I mean, it is not as if the greatest minds in the world have always written the worthwhile stuff. I bet every one started with ABC and each one has their own path, some shorter some longer to “WOW! That is soo deep!” (vomit).

Strange I write vomit coz, I really want that reaction, I just also think it is lame to want that reaction. I mean life has to be more that being appreciated.

Life for me only makes sense in CHRIST. All these things fall in their respective places when HE is front and center of my life. I need HIM more than I need air. I feel so far away from HIM but I know that HE will rescue me; because HE is who HE is. My LORD, my MASTER, my MAKER. HE knows me better than I know myself and nothing in this world satisfies me like JESUS.

I have experienced HIS PRESENCE; and I am forever thankful that JESUS died for me so that the veil that kept us apart from HEAVEN has been torn and an invitation sent forth to all of us to come there


Our One GOD

Invited to – talk to HIM, to hear HIS Voice, to feel the comfort that only HE can give as HE washes away the pain of this world.

All, even as I sit a write this.

Worthwhile writing is nothing if it does not bring HIM glory.

Nothing we do is Worthwhile, unless it is to bring HIM Glory.

Our Lives are pointless unless it is lived in communion with HIM.

HE knows the plans HE has for us, plans to prosper us and to give us a future,

HE came to give us life, and Life in Abundance.

Just as all the planets (including ours), the stars and all the universe functions perfectly with HIM at the center,

So also

We are only complete and function perfectly when HE is the center of our lives.


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