Lost & Found…


I close my eyes to pray…

To speak with YOU …

To hear YOUR voice again.

The song “All I need is YOU” rises up within me.

I look for YOU

BUT I feel like a drunk idiot

Spinning round the room or maybe the room is spinning around me …

Still looking for YOU.

I think I finally spot YOU

But, I am seeing two, no; five, no eight of YOU!!!

Which is the Real YOU? All eight look just like YOU!!!

THEN, a vague remembrance enters my spinning world. 

I know YOU!!! Even this backsliding idiot … knows …

The REAL YOU is the one who Catches me.

YOU are the one who steadies me.

YOU are the ONE, who holds my hair and gently strokes my back,

While I spew all the junk that got me into this drunken stupor

YOU are the one who cleans me up,

YOU get me water and orange juice,

YOU bring me back to the point when I can see YOU

The ONE and Only TRUE YOU!!!

The spinning stops – I see YOU and rush into YOUR open arms.

YOU hold me; and I know this is what I have been looking for,

This is where I want to be and this is where I belong.

Never leaving me, we take a walk.

YOU show me things that are beyond my wildest imaginations.

This is bliss. I am so glad to be back here with YOU.

Why did I waste all that time?

Why did I ever leave YOU?

Did I leave YOU?


Did I get lost?


Why did I get so far from YOU?

I am afraid now.

I cannot understand how it happened before,

What if I lose YOU again?

My life only makes sense in YOU,

With YOU.

I cannot lose YOU again!!!

I cannot repeat the journey that led me to that spinning world!!!

or worse!?

But, it has happened before,

and each time I get further away than before.

Maybe it begins with this line of thought

I look up and realize I’m suddenly far away from YOU again!!!

I can still see YOU,


Wasn’t I in YOUR arms just a moment ago?

I gaze longingly at YOU

And in a moment

YOU are by my side again.

Once again in YOUR arms!!!

Gaze locked, I tell YOU,

I am afraid of losing YOU again.

I never want to look away again.

I am still here in YOUR arms!

Maybe this time will be different!!!

Maybe this time I will look deep into YOUR eyes

 And spend all eternity in YOUR arms

– Loving and loved –

Abundantly satisfied and content.


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