Of Love & Relationships

Of love and relationships,
Staying or running
A word of advise to any like me
If you have loved some one
Parent, sibling, friend, lover, spouse
But you are withdrawing because
Of reasons that have nothing to do with them
Reasons that have to do with you;
As it did with me
I thought I needed something
I thought i wasn’t right for them
I thought i could do what i had to do
and come back to them
Think long and hard coz
In my experience,
Tough though it may be
Relationships require a “we” thought process
Not the “I” process
If you follow the “I” process
Its more than likely
It ends in a lonely Desolated place.
So make the effort
Sacrifice the I
Try the We
And you just might see
A joyful happier end.
I need to take this advise myself
But its easier said than done.

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